SLENZ Update, No 129, August 17, 2009

Aussie vid makes case:



There comes a time  in the life of every dreamer/ideas person/creator of change  in education when  one has to go cap in hand to people  who might  have little or no understanding of  what you are attempting – and care even less.

They are the administrators  who control the academic purse strings.

If your “thing” is virtual world education, however, a new  machinima created by Australian resident  Kerry Johnson (right) might help you lay a foundation for your arguments about the possible benefits of virtual world training and education. Johnson, Kerry

The machinima,  “Immersive Learning: it’s game on!”,   has been specifically  designed by Johnson to introduce educational administrators and policy makers to the uses of virtual worlds in education and training.

Produced for Australian Government-funded’s Immersive Learning Unit it includes case studies from Second Life, Quest Atlantis and World of Warcraft and includes interviews with students and educators.

But its not all “pie-in-the-sky” stuff.

Presenter  Greg  Black, CO of Education at, after demonstrating just how mainstream virtual worlds are becoming,   stresses that  for education/training to be successful and beneficial  in virtual worlds  it must be based on sound education design principles.

If you have time and you are involved in education  its probably also worthwhile looking at KerryJ’s Neotenous Tech blog pages as well as other videos she  has worked on linked on this page