Three day workshop
Day 1 – 15 DecemberThe first day of the workshop will be held in real life at Weltec in Central Wellington and all sessions will also be available on Koru in Second Life.  Attendance at Day 1 is open to all but numbers are restricted to 50.
The SLENZ development team and the lead educators will attend all three days.
9-9.30: Clare/Terry introduces the project and gives background. Questions and discussion (webcast and recorded).
  • project including aims, stages, brief introduction of team and roles
  • three stage approach
  • orientation as separate sub-project
  • learning design phase
Introduce the workshop
  • purpose
  • workshop approach (3 walls, discussion groups at each, self-select, capture info with post-its, whiteboard, pens and paper etc)
  • 4th wall is SLENZ project wall, blogging, documentation, facilitator prep etc
9.30-10.00: Lead educators introduce their projects, followed by comments from the project teams on why they were selected. Leigh introduces the orientation project. (webcast and recorded)
10-10.30: Clare presents literature review (webcast and recorded)
10.30-11: Morning tea
11-12: Learners share experiences and discussion (webcast and recorded)12-1: Critical voices  and discussion (webcast and recorded)
1-1:30: Lunch

1.30-2: Examples of Second Life activities – Jokay (webcast and recorded)

Small groups brainstorm activities to support sub-projects

3.30-4: Afternoon tea

4-5: Pulling it all together
  1. Documented thoughts and ideas from the day (Photos and audio recordings)
  2. 3 walls of ideas and other participant generated content from the day
  3. List of ideas for learning design (activities, resources or supports) for each sub-project
  4. SLENZ blog posts that comment on aspects of the day
  5. Possibly, a representation of the days outputs displayed in a SLENZ sim

Day 2 – 16 DecemberA face to face meeting
Participants – lead educators, Clare, Terry, Leigh, Todd, Aaron, John W8.30-9.30 Review ideas from day 1
9.30-10 Leigh introduces three stage approach
10-10.30: Morning tea

Develop a vision of a stage 3 completed for each project.
12-1: Draft a defined stage 1
1-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.30: Sketch out stage 2.
2.30-3 Afternoon tea

3-5 Open discussion about the orientation and creating a SL presence to support the project. How might the blog interface with a space in SL? How could a space in SL represent the project? What activities are in place to assist people into the SLENZ project? Practical demonstrations on screen.

Articulation of
  1. Full stage 1 (activities, resources, supports)
  2. Rough stage 2
  3. Vision stage 3
  4. Plan for SLENZ Sim, blog and other project outputs
  5. SLENZ blog posts about the day
  6. Possibly, a representation of the days outputs displayed in a SLENZ sim

Day 3 – 17 DecemberA face to face meeting
Participants – lead educators, Clare, Terry, Leigh, Todd, Aaron, John W
8.30-9 Clare presents aims for the day and development process. Discussion
9-12: Develop project development plans for each project to achieve stage 112-1: Lunch 

1-2.30: Continue developing project plans

230-3: Break3-4: Project plans are presented (webcast and recorded)
4-5: Discussion re ongoing communication approach across team and sub-projects and further workshop needs.Outputs:
Plans for each sub-project to achieve stage 1
  • objectives
  • roles
  • timeframes
  • time allocation
SLENZ blog posts

After the workshop
Ongoing online interaction, as agreed day 3
Further workshops, as agreed day 3

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