Project group meetings

The SLENZ project has an inworld group who meet every Monday morning from 11-12 to discuss matters of interest or importance to the the project.  Clare Atkins facilitates this group and these meetings and all development group members are welcome to attend.  We also extend the invitation to others in the education community who would like to keep up to date with the project or who are interested in some of the issues we are debating. We encourage the use of voice in these meetings and you will need to have Chat Enabled to hear the discussion.  Clare can provide help with this if needed.

If you would like further information on the group please IM Arwenna Stardust (Clare’s avatar) in Second Life and she will arrange for you to join the group and receive notices of meetings.

Proposed Topics for Meetings

20 October – general discussion  (advance apologies from Clare, Ben and John who are prioritsing work on the lit review)
27 October – cancelled due to Labour weekend
3 November – literature review discussion
10 November – draft learning design process discussion
17 November – draft builds development process discussion

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