Project Development


The design of a workable framework for the development of the activities within the SLENZ project has been an essential component of the SLENZ project itself.  There have been a number of iterations through the possible process and the documents.

Our current thinking on the process is described in the   Project Development Roadmap. We appreciate that the thinking and the processes may well need further refinement but the roadmap represents the current baseline from which we are working.

Our thinking has been based on work identified in the Literature Review, the thoughts of various people , in particular Leigh Blackall and Clare Atkins, and refined through practice.

The SLENZ project incorporates three sub-projects all of which have been staged. Overivew information of the sub-projects and their stages are described in the SLENZ Staged Projects document.

Examples of the working documents currently being developed by the SLENZ projects are posted here.  While open for public scrutiny and feedback and comments are welcomed, these documents are working ones and are consequently likely to change quite frequently.


We keep an on-going Work in Progress Report which is updated weekly.



Context Summary

Yet to be posted

Learning Design

Learning Design Document Midwifery Stage 1 which includes

Items for Midwifery Build (all stages)

External Resource Information (wikieducator)

Photo gallery (Picassa)

Learning Design Document – Midwifery Stage 2

Technical Design

Technical Design Specification Document – Midwifery Stage 1



Context Summary

Context Summary -Foundation for Learning

Learning Design

Learning Design Document – Foundation for Living Stage 1


Items for Foundation for Living build

Technical Design

yet to be posted



Context Summary

Context Summary Document – Orientation

Learning Design

Learning Design Document – Orientation

Technical Design

Orientation Detailed Information – WikiEducator


Orientation Workshop at Otago Polytechnic

Workshop organisation and information

Orientation workshop programme

Staff Orientation workshop – detailed plan

The document above is the working document developed before and during the staff workshop at Otago Polytechnic.  Attendees at the workshop are invited to contribute to the document :)

As part of the background to the development of the road map the following two documents were created to summarise the findings from the literature review.

Designing Learning Activities and Designing and Implementing an SL build

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  1. Hi Clare and John.

    I tag SLENZ related blog posts with the word “SLENZ”. This tag groups all my slenz related posts together, and it has its own RSS feed if you just want to follow my notes on SLENZ.

  2. Hi Leigh, love the idea of a seperate rss feed for just the slenz tagged stuff! However I tried to subscribe using the ‘subscribe to feed’ link on that page, and it subscribes to the whole blog ( Is there a way to subscribe to an rss for only the slenz tagged posts? It actually would be perfect for ‘the’ website project I’m working on! :)

  3. Now that we have moved to one subject per post on the SLENZ Update the SLENZ related blogs on the SLENZ Update are all tagged with SLENZ Project.

  4. […] 18, 2009 in Uncategorized | Tags: slenz In the development process, each project in the SLENZ development follows 3 […]

  5. Our context for developing orientation resources for Second Life education is also on this site at

  6. It is worthwhile looking at the processes the SLENZ team used to get to this point: “… of how long the step that we only identified yesterday should take. We tried to think through our processes but have still needed to modify this as we …”

  7. […] The first time I thought to use them was in an attempt to coordinate a virtual team that I was leading in 2008.  We had gained funding from the NZ government to investigate the potential of multi-user virtual environments (MUVEs) for NZ tertiary education (the SLENZ project).  We were building two learning experiences in Second Life and I need to coordinate the work of  around 8 people who were scattered around New Zealand and occasionally in Australia.  Ensuring that we were all using the latest version of our design documents was a nightmare until we hit on google docs.  One document could be used to bring together the work of the IT designers, the tester, the educator, the instructional designer and the project leader.  Not only that but it provides us with a wonderful insight into how we worked this development.  An example is here and it is worth having a quick scroll through.  (If anyone is interested in knowing more about the development of this project, you can find it here) […]

  8. I have found a photograph 2009/11/img_3231-e1259140842987.jpg on Google image can I use it on a poster?

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