In the Company of Strangers

The New Zealand-based Nelson Marborough Institute of Technology’s sim, Koru, is currently featuring an ongoing build by NMIT’s Mike Baker (SL: Rollo Kohime) as part of his

Masters in Art and Design, according to SLENZ project manager, Aaron Griffiths (SL: Isa Goodman). The project, In the Company of Strangers, looks at negotiating the parameters of meetings, exchanges and conversations in urban spaces through the use of interventionist dance strategies and experimental movement frameworks. Baker’s full discourse can be read on Aaron/Isa’s blog, NZ Education in a Virtual World:


Multiple Intelligences Theory

Multiple Inneligences

Multiple Intelligences

NMIT has also hosted Zotarah Shepherd’s build about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory on the NMIT island Koru. Clare Atkins (SL: Arwenna Stardust) talks about the build on her blog:

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