OpenSim Grids Growing apace – VLENZ Update, No 180, January 24, 2011

Is SL fading?

The ‘Top 40’ OpenSim grids

gain 529 regions in month

Latest figures from Hypergrid Business

OS builds are now as good as if not better in some cases than SL builds ... Rommena at Rom20 at (local (HG 1.0) built over 16 sims by Nick Lassard is a case in point.

The top 40 OpenSim grids gained 529 regions since mid-December, to reach a new high of 15,623 regions on January 15 of this month, according to  Maria Korolov  in her latest article in  Hypergrid Business.

The full Korolov article is a must read for those involved in virtual worlds.

Maria Korolov, editor, Hypergrid Business

The burgeoning growth rate of the OpenSim movement  follows the Second Life Linden Labs’ decision to end discounting of education sims. Other reasons for the growth, in my opinion are that the builds on some OpenSim grids (See pictures) are now as good and as interesting as the best builds in Second Life with build numbers, content creators and residents now reaching a tipping point which will see the OpenSim movement grow even faster.

Although the monthly growth rate, 3.5 percent, was down, possibly for seasonal reasons, Korolov noted that the total downloads of the popular Diva Distribution of OpenSim grew by 18 percent over the previous month to a  new high of  3,707 downloads. The Diva Distro is popular but it is only one of a number of OpenSim distribution channels. The others do not provide statistics.

Borgo Antico ... another example of an OpenSim builder's skill and a great place to visit. (HG 1.5)

Korolov said that  OSGrid, which currently has more regions than all other top-40 grids,  gained almost 500 regions to a new total of 9,009 regions.

In second place in terms of growth was the new role-playing grid Avination, which gained 172 regions in just one month, for a new total of 324 regions.

MyOpenGrid was in third place, gaining 63 regions, giving it a new total of 200 regions. InWorldz came in fourth in growth, gaining 47 regions for a new total of 766 regions, in the Hypergrid Business statistics.

Korolov said, “At Hypergrid Business, we expect to see both closed and open grids continue to grow through 2011. However, new hypergrid security features are currently in development which will allow content creators to lock down content so that it can not be moved off-grid. As these features are rolled out, we expect more grids to turn on hypergrid and allow their users to freely travel around to other grids for events, meetings, shopping, and exploring. She noted also that as the OpenSim world has burgeoned  Second Life, according to data from Grid Survey, continued to hemorrhage regions during the month losing 132 regions, for a new total of 31,413 regions.

The Titanic memorial in OpenSim … the ship, built to scale, covers three sims and is as detailed inside as the famed Bill Stirling-built SS Galaxy of Second Life. (HG 1.5)

... and part of the historically accurate Titanic interior.


6 Responses

  1. Go OSGrid!

    But OSGrid has currently 5196 regions – not 9,009 as this article says. They recently wiped 4500 regions as they were actually offline or inactive.

    By the way I also informed Maria Korolov about this.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. Mea culpa. I obviously grabbed an out-of-date figure … still impressive though .. and Neb seems to be doing a good job from my visits there, and it was great to see the organisation cut off those regions one never seemed able to get to even though they showed on the map.
      Cheers John Waugh

      • Rough English translation at bottom of comment
        salve sono il costruttore del virtualife mentre giravo per cercare la sdraio del titanic autentica se avesse fregi o altro mi imbatto nel suo articolo per puro caso e che ti vedo le foto di borgo antico e del titanic nel virtualife mi chiamo achille lauro deve sapere che il titanic e tutta la mia passione e la ringrazio molto di aver fatto un articolo al titanic nonche al nostro virtualife io costrui il titanic come museo che lo riguardi perche la gente oggi ha veramente perso di vista cosa rappresentava e cosa e stato per quel periodo il titanic se si va anche su secondlife si possono vedere tante cose che lo riguardano
        ma tutti ne hanno travisato la storia e hanno perso il punto principale di vista che il titanic prima di tutto e una tomba e cosi facendo lo hanno disonorato e levato la sua identita trasformandolo in cose scuallide cone centri commerciali o altro io mi sono limitato come e gia stato fatto a ridare onore e gloria a quel legendario piroscafo partito il 10 aprile 1912 e poi affondato nella notte tra il 14 e il 15 aprile 1912 così facendo ho ridato il rispetto che si deve a un luogo dove e avvenuta una tragedia importante se lei entra nuovamente in virtualife e ritorna al titanic potra vedere anche la famosa rciprocasting engine room e in prorssima apertura anche gli uffici della HARLAND & WOLFF e possibile anche vedere una parte molto rara della nave il ristorante a la carta ( il titanic lo concepito come la punta di diamante di tutto il virtualife ) una sim moto bella e da vedere bene e la sim di accesso chiamata welcome area e bella anche la lynnwood che ha un castello dove al suo interno e stato fatto un casinò hotel

        grazie del suo articolo fatto sulla lagine importanti del web sezione titanic inside

        Rough Google translation but English-speaking lingual pygmies will get the gist:
        prejudice are the manufacturer of virtualife as I turned to look up the deck of the titanic true if he or other decorations I come across in his article that by chance and I see photos of the old town and the titanic virtualife in my name should know that the Achille Lauro titanic and all my passion and thank you very much for doing an article on the Titanic as well as to our virtualife I built the Titanic as a museum that matter because people today have lost sight of what really was and what was for that period and the titanic even if you go on Second Life you can see many things that concern him
        but all of them have misrepresented the history and have lost the main point of view that the titanic first and a grave and in doing so they have dishonored, and raised its identity in turning things scuallide cone shopping malls or other and I am limited as already been done to restore honor and glory to the legendary ship that started April 10, 1912 and then sunk in the night between 14 and 15 April 1912 in so doing I have regained the respect due to a place where there has been a major tragedy if she virtualife enter again and return to the Titanic will also see the famous rciprocasting prorssima engine room and opened the offices of Harland & Wolff and can also see a very rare ship’s restaurant at the paper (conceived as the tip of the titanic diamond around the virtualife) a beautiful bike sim and see good and access the sim called welcome and beautiful area that also the Lynnwood has a castle where inside and was made a casino hotel

        thank you for your article done on the cartilage inside titanic important section of the Web

  2. Hi, please give me slurl in opensim for titanic memorial


  3. Hi again, please give me info about slurl and grid for titanic memorial


  4. a tutti coloro che sono entrati in virtualife per visitare il TITANIC cosi come appariva nel 1912 si avvertono tutti coloro che hanno intenzione di continuare a visitare il leggendario piroscafo e assaporarne quel’ epoca doro che la nave e entrata in cantiere per un rimodernamento delle aree centrali di alloggiamento dei fumaioli e di alloggiamento delle cabine centrali e allo stesso tempo si sta facendo un restauro delle cabine di tutti i ponti se si vuole entrare continuare a visitarlo questo e il nuovo login uri la nave si sta rimodernando sul mio pc in sim locale poi viene riportato in nuova virtualife tramite oar sim (mi scuso per il disagio che che troverete nel non trovare la nave rimodernate e restaurata) vi terrò informati per li rientro in poto del piroscafo IL COSTRUTTORE DEL VIRTUALIFE ACHILLE LAURO ORA HO NUOVO PERSONAGGIO WEYLAND YUTNI

    to all those who entered virtualife to visit the Titanic as it appeared in 1912, warn those who intend to continue to visit and savor the legendary ship that ‘golden era and the ship came into the yard for a renovation of the central areas housing the chimneys of the cabins and central bay while you’re doing a restoration of the cabins of all the bridges if you want to get this and continue to visit the new login uri the ship you’re remodeling on my local pc sim is then reported by oar virtualife new sim (I apologize for any inconvenience that you will not find in the renovated and restored the ship) I will keep you informed of prune them back to the builder of the steamship vIRTUALIFE ACHILLE LAURO NOW HAVE NEW CHARACTER YUTNI WEYLAND

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