The SLENZ Update – No 112, July 09, 2009

ThinkBalm makes data live

This machinima should be  in

everyone’s SL PR toolkit …

One of the most difficult things to explain to  virtual world neophytes or non users – particularly  if one is seeking funding from them – is just  how useful virtual world technology can be in conveying information in a practical, easy-to-understand, entertaining format.

Those virtual world residents who have already taken the guided tour or walked through    ThinkBalm’s Data Garden, an experiment in data visualisation in Second Life, will already understand just how data can be made to come alive.DriverErica

For those  who are not yet residents or are neophytes to virutal worlds  the new nine-minute video from  ThinkBalm’s Erica (pictured right)  and Sam Driver makes it very clear.

Erica says in her blog “a tour through the garden is an interactive next-generation ‘webinar’ experience.”  She is right.

The data garden is based on the findings of the thought-provoking  ThinkBalm Immersive Internet Business Value Study, Q2 2009.

For people like me – the mathematically as well as time challenged – it gave new insights into the findings of the Value Study and what  data can mean for those who are considering virtual world uses for their educational institution or business. It is especially useful for those who have little virtual world experience but are involved in virtual world funding decisions.

Although only a primer it gives one an understanding of both the data and the possibilities of virtual worlds. It should be in every immersive world booster’s public relations/information toolkit.

Meanwhile the first ThinkBalm Innovation Community professional networking event is scheduled for Tuesday, August 4, from  8am-11am SL Time on Amazon Developers Island in Second Life for  “people passionate about work-related use of the Immersive Internet who are looking for a job, looking for someone to fill a job, or simply curious about their options”.

The 250-member ThinkBalm Innovation Community has been set up “to advance adoption of work-related use of the Immersive Internet”. Since late 2008 it has evolved into a mix between a social network, collaborative laboratory, and guild. It is focused exclusively on work-related use of the Immersive Internet — virtual worlds and campuses, immersive learning environments, and 3D business applications.

ThinkBalm,  is a Rhode Island-based company which offers independent IT industry analysis and strategy consulting services.