The SLENZ Update – No 90, May 27, 2009


The SLENZ Guide for Learners

SLENZ Project developer Todd Cochrane (SL: Toddles Lightworker, pictured), learning designer Leigh Blackall (SL: Leroy Goalpost) and  members of the project team  have put together a collection of notes, links, pictures, videos and comments aimed at helping people to use Second Life before and when they first enter the virtual world.koru meeting250509_002

For   both the experienced computer user and the virtual “newbie” – to the computer and virtual worlds –  Cochrane’s “Using Second Life – a guide for learners” in WikiEducator in an attractive and easily-digested format should prove both useful and fun for those wanting  a rewarding experience in the virtual world of Second Life.

The  simple-to-use guide covers among other things: Creating your account; Landing in the right place; Moving your avatar and camera control: Personalisation; Search, locate, retrieve, store and manage information on locations; Inventory management; Safety; Appropriate behaviour – “SLetiquette”; Communicating in learning groups; How to build; Exercises – practising your skills; Education and training in MUVEs.

Although expressly created for the SLENZ Project, the guide provides a welcome addition to the growing body of  material on Second Life in that it pulls a number of strands together in one place, in a practical, free-to-use format.

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