The SLENZ Update – No 74 , April 30, 2009

How to demo SL to non-users …


Although it’s been up on YouTube for  some eight months still one of the best introductions to  Second Life, particularly for  those in the health and medical fields, is  the University of Michigan’s Health Sciences Libraries’ machinima  highlighting Second Life and Public Health.anderson-patricia-f

The video, which I was again alerted to by SLED lister Patricia F. Anderson (pictured right – UMHSL emerging technologies librarian and longstanding head librarian for the UM Dentistry Library),  shows  Second Life as a virtual world through which an active public health community is simulating disaster scenarios, creating interactive health games, offering people with disabilities a place for support and social networking, and providing a space for professionals to view presentations and attend international conferences.
The video gives a good overview in under five minutes without any major hype. It’s well worth watching.

It is only one of a  number of introductory Second Life health care videos on YouTube but is still probably one of the best.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for this John, a great resource for me to use to explain SL to collagues, especially with the SL activities we have arranged on International Day of the Midwife on May 5th:

  2. […] How to Demo SL to Non-Users In Under Five Minutes | 30 April 2009 […]

  3. Wonderful. I plan to point folks to this resource when guesting on next week’s ISTE Eduverse Talks program in Second Life, see

    Thank you!

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