The SLENZ Update – No 70, April 22, 2009


Quickstart Guide  for ‘noobs’,

and ‘not-so-noobs’ …

It’s been around for a little time now but it was still good to see that the Lindens have put out a new Quickstart Guide to Second Life in PDF format

Terming the seven-page document “elegant” and “stylish” ,  Second Life guru and training video-maker Torley Linden (pictured) says that  it is perfect for perusing and printing  (to paper) either to prime your  basic Second Life skills  or getting started as the “noob” we all have been.torley-linden

The only problem is that Kiwis apparently only read instructions or how-to-do messages as a last resort be it  assembling lawn mowers or clotheslines, joining a blog or downloading software.

However, I would suggest that all educators should either print and distribute this “airplane info booklet” style Quickstart Guide to all their “noob” students before they move into Second Life as well as placing the link/pdf in their “Freebie orientation pack”.

It could save  tears later … or for the ‘not’so’noobs’ right now!

While you are in the mood for learning you can’t go past Torley’s  “learning to live in Second Life “ tutorial videos on YouTube.

One of his best recent tutorials, if you have a good graphics card, is  WINDLIGHT: Using the Day Cycle Editor


One Response

  1. Ah, many thanks John. I have made this into a quick and dirty lesson plan in the orientation stage 1 development. The quick start guide is really good.

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