The SLENZ Update – No 65, April 8, 2009

Coming to a screen near you

Another Second Life may live behind firewall at your work


IBM in Second Life … now trialling stand-alone Second Life

Business and sometimes academic administrators’ worries about the lack of security of intellectual property within Second Life  appear to be about to be put to rest by Linden Labs with the announcement that  the stand-alone version of Second Life solution is currently in the alpha phase.

The Lindens have announced that they already have nine alpha installations in the field in organisations such as IBM, Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), New Media Consortium (NMC), Intel, and Northrop Grumman and are planning to go into a limited closed beta phase this summer with general availability later this year.

The server solution is completely disconnected from the main Second Life environment but includes all Second Life’s rich functionality in the box.

There is no word yet about interoperability, but if it is possible to securely TP from Second Life main grid, behind the firewall for a specific task or work, such as prototyping, internal confidential conferences, seminars and work meetings, as well as private training, the new set up, depending on  that magic  word “cost” could prove a boon for Virtual World adoption, giving  enterprises the best of all worlds.

The Linden decision was based on the fact that enterprises, governments, and educational institutions  have consistentlycommented over the years that although they see tremendous promise in virtual worlds and the Second Life environment they could not incorporate  the core of their business into a virtual world unless they could do it behind a firewall.

Some of the most interesting comments/questions on the move have come from Lowell Cremorne in the Australian-based  Metaverse Journal.

He sees the key implications as being the minimisation of  key security and intellectual property issues,  and as being another nail in the mirror world – eg Twinity et al – coffin.


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