The SLENZ Update – No 62, March 30, 2009


Detailed SLENZ ‘plan’ posted


Joint project leader Terry Neal … working on the timeline.

A detailed plan of the SLENZ Project’s activities over the next few months, based on the variables influencing the second half of the project, has been put together by joint project leader Terry Neal (SL: Tere Tinkel).

In keeping with the project’s  “communications policy” the plan, developed in  face-to-face workshop discussion, has been posted (as a spreadsheet) on the SLENZ blog by joint project leader Dr Clare Atkins (SL: Arwenna Stardust).

The plan had been developed with “a much clearer idea of all the variables involved in the second part of the project,” Atkins said.

With only Neal and Atkins having editing rights it is to be updated and republished whenever a change is made so that it will always reflect the current information on the project.

The easiest way to find it is to click on the Project Development TImeline page link on the left of the blog posting or go directly to the page .


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