The SLENZ Update – No 56, March 11, 2009


How not to spook

the horses …

clever-zebra-orientation-1Clever Zebra HQ orientation…. how one team does it.

I’ve been an admirer of Caleb Booker for sometime. I religiously read his blog, Caleb Booker – Business in Virtual Worlds ( ). I also follow the activities and the publications of Clever  Zebra (

In a  blog published in mid February Booker (pictured), in real life Chief  Operations Officer at Clever Zebra.  surpassed himself.

For  the SLENZ Project his timing could probably not be better. We are currently looking closely at Orientation.

Asking the question “Does it matter how we bring people into Virtual Worlds?”  he looks at the best and some of the worst Orientation options devised by Second Life experts and looks at the different designs of Orientation for varied users and interests.

The piece, ROI in Virtual Worlds – The New User Experience ( ) , part of his ROI in Virtual World series ( ),   to my mind has inestimable value and should be read by everyone contemplating setting up an Orientation experience whether for teachers or students, businessmen and women or romantics and adventurers.


To my mind too many  institutions who are new (and sometimes not so new) to Second Life attempt to reinvent the “wheel” rather than improving what has gone before.

Booker at least gives them a definitive view of  where most of the the old “wheels” are, why some work and why some don’t.

He notes in conclusion, “Many orientation spaces go wrong because Second Life itself doesn’t have “a purpose”. It’s so open-ended that many start tossing out whatever instructions they think people will enjoy knowing, without a clear sense of what the priorities should be. Hopefully this will help you avoid that trap.”

The Booker blog is a good starting point for a happy life in Second Life.


2 Responses

  1. Some good food for thought there John. Thanks.

  2. Excellent link John thanks. I agree it is very good timing for us. I like the suggestion for the questions to ask ourselves. It is very easy to overwhelm newbies with information!

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