The SLENZ Update – No 51, March 6, 2009

I’ve seen the future …

I’ve seen the future of virtual worlds and already want to walk the streets. Well not really, but if Ray Kurzweil’s timeline ( right Bruce Branit might be providing us with a glimpse into a future virtual world that is just over the horizon in this stunning and evocative video, “World Builder”.

tizzybettina1It’s not really grassroots education in Second Life or other virtual worlds but I think you will be pleased that you spent nine minutes watching it.

As Not Possible In Real Life founder (Madly, wildly embracing the impossible made possible in Virtual Worlds) SL’s Bettina Tizzy (pictured) agrees this is what “Second Life should be like – and sometimes is” ( I’m grateful for her heads up to something I found rather astounding … although only a video.

As the wonderful Bettina said: “For those who have never been a part of a virtual world … and for those of you who have and are sometimes frustrated by the technical inefficiencies, here’s an inspiring glimpse at what content creation is like when everything rocks and rolls.”


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