The SLENZ Update – No 34, December 10, 2008


Engaging with Second Life:

Real Education in a Virtual World

The SLENZ team has published  its Literature Review, Engaging with Second Life:  Real Education in a Virtual World.

The review, designed  to inform in a practical sense the activities of the SLENZ project,  brings together research findings, anecodotal reports of practice, and the opinion of those experienced in the use of Second Life (SL) for education from across the globe.
Written by Ben Salt, Clare Atkins and Leigh Blackall it draws together a number of strands: an overview of the characteristics of the current generation of MUVEs, a snapshot of educational activities currently in Second Life, a discussion of the major learning theories that may be relevant to the project, consideration of the design of learning activities and an exploration of what techniques could be used to control the development of the building of the relevant online resources.

It is  published under Creative Commons license.


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