The SLENZ Update – No 29, November 28, 2008



December 15, from 9am to 5pm (New Zealand Time): New Zealand’s leading virtual world learning research group, Second Life Education New Zealand (SLENZ), has invited interested educators to attend a free, one-day workshop in real life on Wellington Institute of Technology’s Wellington campus and in Second Life on the Nelson-Marlborough Institute of Technology’s island of Koru ( Registration essential on first-come, first-served basis as numbers limited. For registration email:


An underground experience

Rollo Kohime’s ‘In the

company of strangers’

You wont want to miss  Rollo Kohime’s (RL: Mike Baker, Nelson, New Zealand)  live performance in Real Life and Second Life at the Railway Station (   on Friday, November 28, at 8.40pm (all times are New rollo-mike-fionaZealand time), Saturday, November 29, 12.40pm, Wednesday, December 3, 12.00 midday, Friday December 5, 8pm, and a closing performance, Saturday, December 6m at 12.40pm. Rollo will be dancing in Real Life/narrating/playing his  Real Life videos/Second Life Station with Real Life  videos and some Real Life audience participation. He said, “Its going to be busy but if you can make any of those times Id love to see you in the Station! Bring friends! I want a crowd!”

If you want to know more Rollo/Mike’s blog ( makes fascinating reading before or after taking part in the Railway Station experience. His profile is at

Rollo/Mike’s performance-based project “explores the dynamic of ‘the stranger’ in meetings between people in urban spaces” and the interaction between the real and what is perceived as virtual and unreal.

As Rollo has said himself of the experience: “Virtual space and time I believe, is a facet of real space and time. I want(ed) the two descriptions of Real Life and Second Life – as one blended reality – to extend our perceptions of space and time in a public venue and to receive responses related to this aspect.”

From my point of view the  underground experience is well worthwhile, especially if you interact with the “real” world on the other side of the Station from your “real” Second Life world at a scheduled performance.


EVENT – Now on

November 28 – 29, 2008: Australian Virtual Worlds Workshop (AVWW) -Arguably Australasia’s most important virtual world meeting for 2008. Swinburne University, Melbourne.  Opening speaker Gerry White (Principal Research Fellow of ACER and Former CEO of, Guest speakers include Larry Johnson (CEO of New Media Consortium), Bruce Joy (CEO of Vast Park), Chris Collins (Director of Enterprise Business Systems of Linden Lab) and Keren Flavell (Executive Producer of SLCN.TV). The event builds on the successful ‘Discover Your Second Life’ workshop hosted at Monash last December with panels chaired by Australian Film TV and Radio School (AFTRS) and IBM and guest speakers from leading Australian universities and TAFE colleges. ‘Discover Your Second Life’ was a mixed reality event with people attending in both the real and virtual environments, AVWW continues this theme with live audio streaming of the event is available through However you need to have Winamp installed. Once installed please click ‘File’ and then ‘Play URL’. Enter ‘’ and you should be listening live audio of the workshop shoutcasted from Melbourne. Register now at

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