Feb 2009 – ISTE, Blog of the Month – Feb 2009

Dec 2009 – EduBlog, Best Educational Use of a Virtual World (2nd runner up)

Compiled/written by Johnnie Wendt (SL)/Johnnie Waugh (NZVWG)

Free copies of the SLENZ Midwifery and Foundation Builds are now available –

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2 Responses

  1. heheheeeee. Very fun. I think your blog’s performance in the poll thus far has exceeded anyone’s to date! You’re in some fine company, too. I put a new graphic display of the ongoing voting results up this month and I may have to move it since your green graph bar is threatening to punch out the roof of the Hut :)

    Great work on getting out the vote. Ah, democracy!

  2. Congratulations! Visitors to ISTE Island’s Blogger’s Hut will be able to see your updates and click-to-view your rss feed within Second Life while they’re otherwise engaged exploring, learning, and socializing! Your readers in Second Life have a whole new way to read your wonderful blog, all the merry month of March!

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